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MoonRadar Whitepaper

Moonradar is a Booster Pad for project creators & a GEM Hunter for investors in the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem. We’re helping project creators boost their value by providing functionality & utility to their token. For Investors, we provide GEM hunting & Portfolio management solutions

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GEM hunter

Get access to our GEM notifications by holding MRF tokens.


Manage your GEM portfolio with our Dashboard.

What is Moonradar ?

MMoonradar is a block chain project built purely in the interest of DeX traders, to protect them from falling for numerous rug-pull scams and honeypot scams. The service aims to provide users with a list of safe projects that they can invest in at an early stage and maximize profits. Moonradar also provides the holders of MRF tokens  with tools to swap tokens (Moonswap) and to manage  portfolio(Moonboard). While the services are free to use, users will have to hold certain amount of MRF tokens to be able to access the premium features and maximize ROI.

Roadmap 2021 / 2022
Our Strategy and Project Plan

Slide September,2021 June, 2021 CMC Listing
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Token partnerships
Private Sale
Token Vester
Start Point April, 2021 Ideation & Launch of
May, 2021 Presale announcement
Whitelisting Projects.
Launch of Moonswap
July, 2021 Token Launch
Coingecko Listing
Donate Functionality
Casino Launch
August, 2021 GEM Notifier
Token Locker
Staking Pad

Decentralized exchange built on top of Pancakeswap to trade projects audited by MoonRadar.


A dashboard powered by MoonRadar to manage portfolio.


Get notified about newly audited projects and to explore hidden gems of BSC.